working for a living

10151375078988477There is something to be said about keeping a job for many years. I have not been able to do that since 2008, when I left Portland,working for the same shop for 8 years. So, here I am once again looking for something more suitable that pays and won’t beat the life out of me. I though working at a grocery store would be great, regular customers and all that food to inspire my cooking. Instead, i found myself in great distress over time management because they never give you enough to do your job,the disgusting factor of handling raw chicken and meat all day, and being in pain because not only are you running around on cement floors all day, but you have hundreds of pounds of stock to push around.

People can be really nice or not,crazy,rude or just plain ignore you. No one cares if you get your lunch or breaks,and the pay is outright dismal. Needless to say, I am going back to the boutique world of  either retail kitch or pet food asap!!!

Ps get your meat from the shelf and not the case display, its been sitting there all day and its not special,the wrapped stuff is most likely fresher and sealed up in any case. Enjoy!


so that whole trucking thing is over…we decided after getting screwed by our company one too many times  just come home. luckily,we both found jobs right away and are getting ready for summer time but this constant snow is crazy! 



I am working in the meat dept at Safeway, trying to get all my muscles in shape  lose some weight i put on while sitting in a truck for a year. My hands however are beat to hell. Frozen meats and boxes,not to mention shelves with sharp edges are killing em.And to top it off im getting paid a ridiculously low wage,but i walk down the street to work ,and my dept team is pretty cool. 


It’s a total white out here today in Denver Colorado. So I figured i would try to update my blog. This being home is nice,even though I miss the road too,the dogs are happier here. Con to home life, its boring when the weather is bad,and the people I let rent my space havent moved yet so its crowded and annoying after having privacy in the truck. By summer they will all be gone. amen!!


Im saddened by the bombs today in Boston,my almost hometown.People suck.

New hair for spring! Welcome back Beehive

ImageImageSo I decided to try one of the new hair trends after getting my color just right. Apparently, Beehives are now back in fashion! It took about 3 hours, color touch up included, to get it just right. And, if you want to get great hair and live in a regular neighborhood like me, you head on down to the local “african american salon” where all the ladies get their hair done. 

I had so much product in my hair! Wow, not something that has happened since I was about 13 yrs old, but it looked great and stayed put for two days afterward. It also included a full strand of extentions and 37 bobby pins to keep it poofed up and tight.  I can’t say that I will be doing it again any time soon, but it was fun for a night out and looks great when i take it down and rub out most of the product too. What new hair trend are you going to try this spring???

Fashionably Late…

I have come to realize that blogging and trucking don’t really mix well. At least for me! I get carsick when I try to do my blog while were running, and when we are stopped I am usually sleeping or trying to get a shower,laundry or eating done. This is pretty fun though and I am always thinking of things that would make great topics. As a side note I did recently attain a Kindle Fire, and hopefully will be getting wireless for it soon, so that I don’t have to rely on my wireless card/laptop or free wireless at a truck stop and will have an easier time getting my blog on.Image

Instead reading magazines on my Kindle has kept me busy in the downtime that has been available, and I am somewhat dismayed by the fashion that is being thrown out for us this spring! All the graphic prints and tiny flowers are not my cup of tea, but at least they have good color such as the light greens/aquas that are everywhere. Studs on the back of boots look cool but its so not fun for your furniture or legs!

I’ve decided to get back to basics with my Lucky Jeans, Juicy sweat sets and super cute tops and soft cotton dresses. Screw the funky semi flat/heeled shoes and clingy short shorts. Love the lacy, embroidered sheer tops! So romantic and flattering to most.

Trying to stay fashionable and comfortable and WARM during this crazy winter has been quite the challenge. But, I am enjoying finding new reasons to shop when we are stopped, looking for bling that keeps me sparkling and makeup that keeps the dry skin and wrinkles hidden for one more run. I love walking into truck stops with all my shine and two tone violet/blond hair…keeps the old guys on their toes:)Image

My Last Will..(i have no idea if this is legally binding)

206272_10150155173678477_6760294_n30546_385859148476_1049945_nSo its my weekly ritual to watch Bones, sort of a treat for me, since we don’t really have TV on the truck. They were discussing their wills, and Bones’ will was 302 pages long, while Booth only had sticky I’m going for something in the middle.

I do not think I will die anytime soon, but its good to be prepared and give folks some idea of your wishes..I want to be cremated and have my ashes tossed out the window of a truck while driving down the back roads along side the kentucky bluegrass fields of young horses. That way when I am eaten along with their grazing or breathed in by these wild and beautiful creatures, I will at last be able to run and be full of the spirit that has so long been inside of my heart.

If I die, I would really love for things to be easier for my family. So, here goes. To my sons, Hunter and Liam Thornton, I leave my books, photographs and personal items, including one steamer trunk each, the black and white to Hunter and the wooden to Liam, to keep and carry their treasures in(these are family heirlooms from my great great aunt, used in 1896 for her travels.) I hope you find your own adventures, great ones, and always know that your mother was infinitely proud to be given such great gifts, loved you more than anything in the universe, and always hopes to be a part of your lives no matter how close or far apart we are.

To my darlIing Kevin, I leave my great grandfathers bible, and all of my music, my laptop and phone, and all of my animals,to do with as he sees fit. Whether that is to keep them all together or to take them to Best Friends Animal sanctuary in Utah, so that they can live out their days together as a pack. He was my ultimate partner and friend. Giving me grace, and courage, even more than I could have imagined. Thank you for being my true heart.169984_10151157159983477_1270378024_o

To my best friend Tonie Marie Perales, I leave all of my jewelry and shoes. She will know what to keep, as she has fabulous taste.345_29841828476_4441_n

My parents know I love them, but have enough stuff to deal with on their own, so I am just leaving them with the knowledge that they were good to me, and I was lucky to grow up and maintain a relationship with them and my grandparents as well. I love all of you very much.

To all of my friends, and you know who you are! Thank you for being there for me always, the love and kindnesses we shared through the years, children growing up and moving on our different ways, you are always in my heart and mind.357_32198068476_8819_n

I do not expect to die anytime soon, but also do not wish to lose out on the chance to tell everyone who was so very important to me, how much I appreciated and loved being a part of your lives..322662_2196375201406_666263507_o345_29837683476_5129_n

Here’s to many adventures to come, years to pass and love to be shared until this is actually necessary.

Theresa Lynn Thornton

February 2,2013

Communications failure…

ImageWhen you deal with shipping and receiving,its important to remember that there are about 100 people between you and your load either coming or going. Once in a while (you hope)there is a breakdown in communication and yesterday that happened to us. So, now we have been sitting waiting at a dock for 20 hours, only to be told we need to move to the other side of the building because they put us in the wrong spot. The negative is that there was no available bathroom(unless you beg like I did)on the premises, and the only food around didn’t open until this morning.

On the positive side, its sunny and cool, a very nice change from the icy nasty weather we have been dealing with all over the U.S. this past few days, and the restaurant when open this morning proved to be a delightful mexican diner, full of amazingly good fare and very friendly folks! Plus, the bonus of a nice clean restroom that I could use and get back to being a human again.

None of this did I expect to find deep in Crenshaw, California. So heres to dispelling fears and overcoming odds, though we still are not loaded up yet, I feel like its going to be a good day either way. I am very fortunate to have my home wherever I go, and enough comfort to get by when it seems like your just going nowhere.

I do have to say though, we were recently given a new driver manager, because ours moved up to Fleet manager. She is completely new to us and hopefully will be even close to as remarkable as the previous one, so that our job is as smooth as possible. This remains to be seen, as since we have been here our “team” back at the terminal does not have a clue as to what is going on with our load, and has done pretty much nothing to find out. So, we’re on our own to get things done around here…just hope they don’t make us load up or sit here for another 8 hours.

In this career you do not get paid to just sit. Wheels need to keep moving to make that money, it doesn’t always seem worth it, but its so much better than being stuck in a box all day looking at 4 walls.

It also pays to be patient and not get too fired up when things go wrong, unless necessary. Most people are just doing what they are told, and don’t have any idea the effect it has on the rest of the world around them. So you smile and just hope that things get worked out smoothly and soon. I could never be a cog in the corporate machine again, its just too sad. They have completely lost their ethics and just go for the cheap dollar.

No thank you! I’ll happily take the open road and some sunsets for my trouble.


Rocking and Rolling…

It can be tricky to keep yourself alert and motivated when you are driving up to 10 hours a day. Thank goodness for technology! We have access to ……and the list just keeps growing! Even though my sweetie has a pretty good global phone from sprint, Android and all that , it doesn’t always work if were in the boonies! Even on a , my favorite stuff seems to be locked away on Stitcher and websites that won’t stream on even the newest Android technology when your constantly moving.

Besides that , I also have to be careful of overage on our wireless card, which while very useful for posting blogs like this one, has its limits when trying to catch up on all my shows! Facebook and Twitter have pretty much been the saving grace for me when it comes to communication with all my family and friends. Back in the day, a trucker had to stop and use a pay phone or a diner phone while eating just to check in with family!

I love music, all kinds of genres, and I especially love tuning into music that is appropriate for the state we’re in! Bon Jovi and Springsteen for Jersey, Lady Gaga and B runo Mars for NY. Country and Gospel music for the southern states, Bluegrass for the southeast. Matt Kearney and Modest Mouse for the Pacific NW, Colbie Calliet and Jason Mraz for So Cal. Of course we have to have Blues in Kansas City. and CCR  and Zydaco for Louisiana! Texas can be quite a melting pot, from ZZ Top to good old country tunes to some Austin city limits performances. Florida is Vanilla Ice, Jimmy Buffett and Jerry Garcia(don’t ask).

Wherever you go music makes the time go by faster, and the wheels just keep rolling to the beat. If you know of any good bands we should check out along the way, please feel free to link em below!

Im just waking up now, after a very long night in Upstate NY, 2 degree temps and a very windy road to almost nowhere to pick up a load going to Oxnard, California! Thats a lotta miles in 3 days folks! So I’d better get going and ready to take over after the night shift. PS 80s music is great 24/7 anywhere you go…thank goodness for Journey!rocknroll

Ok, I’ll admit it…

I think about food a lot. All the time, more than politics, the fiscal cliff, global warming…these things hardly ever cross my mind. No, just food, and not just any food. Good food.  I could spend all my free time reading books about it, dreaming of the day I will get a chance to visit some region where they concoct beautiful tributes to BBQ, Jambalaya, or even Basque cuisine.

On a daily basis I am subject to the confines of Burger King, Wendy’s and the like. Being a truck driver means you don’t always get to eat what you really like or want. We do try to cater to our finer tastes, by searching out a good restaurant or food truck in the vicinity of a truck stop or parking lot of Wal Mart. So, when I heard a few months ago about the new show starring Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain, I could hardly believe it. These people are my people. They love food like nobodies business and that is just fine with me. However, now I have to find some way to watch them since we don’t really have TV on the truck per se. Yes, when I get to a stop I can try to get a few channels in on the digital. Or, find a youtube link or Hulu version of a channel to catch up on things entertaining. However, I think that just watching this show may make me want to jump off the truck and run to the nearest whole foods and just start buying up all the fine cheese I can get my hands on.

In any case, its really discouraging to be stuck somewhere that you can’t even get a good home made meal at. Right now, were at a very nice stop. They have your typical Petro buffet, where for 10.99 you can eat all you want of some pretty decent grub, including fried catfish and steak.

But we have been to Mecca, and I want to go back! There is a restaurant in Boise, Idaho called Barbacoa that is to DIE for. Hand made guacamole right at your tableside to taste. Little mini tacos of every assortment, and mouth watering dishes that just keep you wanting more. Its decadent and beautiful and the waitstaff make you feel like royalty.

Another fine establishment is just down the road from our home in Denver, Colorado called Solera. Wonderful steaks and burgers made from fresh local beef, amazing salads full of surprise taste bud delights, and desserts that get you food drunk so that you can barely move because you had to have just one more bite..

Sadly, right now I have canned tomato soup and some crackers which while the perfect cold day treat is just not the same without a fine New York sharp cheddar.

And dammit, I am all out of cheese!1soup

When it freezing rains, it pours…

Its not a good day when you go from 80 degree weather in Louisiana, to  27 degrees and freezing rain in Virginia. So far today we have seen three wrecks, and had to stop once on the side of the road because of the ice. Its a very unnerving feeling when you put the brakes on and your truck still moves. Now were safe and frozen at a truck stop in Glade Springs, VA. Its a very nice truck stop, one that has been through a complete remodel after being hit by a semi (through the roof) during a bad tornado. Having to stop driving though, means that we won’t get as many miles in this week as we want to. Every single mile counts! That is how we get paid, per mile from city to city and also for part of our fuel.

Since I have been on the truck, we have only been stuck twice in bad weather over more than a few hours. Its much safer to stop and wait for it to clear than to try and make it and possibly get into an accident. So many drivers out there just don’t know how to use their brakes properly, or get in too much of a hurry and cause issues for everyone else trying to get somewhere safe.

The good thing about stopping is that you get to sit around some and listen to the other truckers tell all their stories, sometimes its like being at a lodge with all the old guys telling their “big fish tales”, it can be pretty darn entertaining!  I love the days when you’re at the table and everyone around is just having a great time laughing and telling funny tales. The bad part is walking through the freezing rain and snow every time you need to use the bathroom. At least the dogs don’t mind, they have a ball running around like loonies through the snow.

I have added some pictures for you to see just how much ice can accumulate onto the truck and trailer over many miles. This not only adds weight, but also can cause the truck to overheat when it covers the grill, and cause visibility issues!

Be careful everyone, keep the rubber side down!774313_10151266342138477_879453083_o774455_10151266342063477_1679789037_o(1)66489_10151266341983477_747732156_n